Dr. Benoit Leblanc

Senior Software Engineer

Benoit joined Materials Design® in 2002, and has been working on the design and development of the MedeA® software platform.

Dr. Benoit Leblanc
Professional experience: 

He focuses on novel algorithms and functionality in the area of computer-aided Materials Design® to meet the needs of customers both in the form of contract research and internally driven MedeA® developments.

Before coming to Materials Design®, he researched Monte Carlo simulations at the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) and the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA).

In the late 90s, he served his country in the French Air Army, working in a computer and dedicated software support unit.

He received the CCG Excellence Award at the 2002 Spring Meeting of the National American Chemical Society Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Benoit has earned the following degrees: a PhD in Computer Science (IFP, Paris XI University, France); a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence (Paris VI University, France); a Computer Science and Electronics Engineering degree (ESIEA, Paris, France); and a Baccalaureate in Mathematics and Physics from Montrouge, France

He lives in Montrouge, near Paris, where he enjoys a busy family life with his wife and their four children.