Dr. Hannes Schweiger

Director of Support

From documentation to user training, Hannes supports the capabilities and services of Materials Design®.

Dr. Hannes Schweiger
Professional experience: 

Prior to joining Materials Design®, he was the Director of Marketing for Grabner Instruments/Ametek in Vienna. He also worked on the marketing, standardization, documentation, and training for a market leader in testing equipment for the petroleum industry.

For his Post Doctoral study, he focused on fuel cells at Case Western Research University; catalysis at ISMANS and the French Petroleum Institute.

Hannes earned his Ph.D. from the University of Vienna.

He was born in Krummnußbaum near the beautiful blue Danube in Austria. From the beginning, he’s been fascinated by trains and ships and where they go. Following trains and ships westward, he picked up some languages and books along the way.
Today, he lives in San Diego where he’s still looking for the perfect wave for his beginner's surfing skills. So far waves are winning.