Dr. Marianna Yiannourakou

Research Scientist

Marianna is a Research Scientist focusing on force-field-based simulations of fluids and soft matter.

Marianna Yiannourakou
Professional experience: 

Before joining Materials Design SARL, she was a post-doctoral fellow at IFP in Rueil, France where she conducted research on the rheological behavior of polymer solutions used in Enhanced Oil Recovery.

A Chemical Engineer who holds a master’s degree in Polymer Science from the University of Athens, she also received her PhD in chemical engineering in Greece. Her doctoral focus was on the thermodynamic, structural and dynamic properties of soft materials using coarse-grained simulations. While she worked on her PhD, she spent one year in Lyon studying proteins embedded in lipid bilayers.

Intrigued by the way nature behaves and the reasons why it behaves in certain ways, Marianna enjoys the challenge of designing new materials that can improve our everyday lives. A Greek citizen, born and raised in Athens, she enjoys traveling, admiring the beauty of both natural and man-made environments and learning about the popular culture of different peoples and civilizations. Since the spring of 2009, she has been living in Paris taking in all the beauty and the history of the City of Lights.