Dr. Walter Wolf

Senior Scientist

Walter is the lead developer of density functional theory-based capabilities of MedeA® such as the VASP, Phonon and Transition State Search modules. In addition to his development activities, Walter provides consultative input to key contract research projects.

Dr. Walter Wolf
Professional experience: 

He joined Materials Design® in 2001. Prior to that, Walter worked for a number of years as a scientific programmer and senior contract research scientist for Molecular Simulations in Paris, France and Cambridge, UK.

Walter is author of over 75 research articles and book contributions, serves as a referee for scientific journals and has presented numerous times at scientific conferences.

He studied chemistry and physics, and holds a PhD in Chemistry from University of Vienna, Austria. He specialized as a developer and practitioner of density functional theory methods in the field of computational materials science.

Walter was born in Vienna and received most of his education from schools and universities there. He is married, the father of a son and a daughter, and currently lives in a small town near the city limits of Vienna. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, hiking and climbing in the hills and mountains close to Vienna. You can also find him sailing in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean.