The PAULING FILE is a materials database containing

physical properties, crystallographic and structural data, as well was binary phase diagrams information.


The PAULING FILE project is a collaboration between Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) and Material Phases Data System (MPDS) since 1995.

The Pauling File aims at a comprehensive materials database which covers all non-organic solid state materials and consists of structure, diffraction, constitution, and physical property data.
It is named by the name of the famous chemist Linus C. Pauling, who gave his permission to use his name in 1993.

The source of Pauling File data are around 150,000 original publications taken from more than 1,000 scientific journals since 1900. The data are processed by an international, highly-experienced group of scientists a sophisticated data evaluation, standardization and derivation procedures.

The data of binary composition is accomplished, data of multinary are under development.