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Harness the Power of LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Code with MedeA

In this free webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to master the MedeA®-LAMMPS Flowchart interface and run fast, efficient simulations with the LAMMPS molecular dynamics engine
  • See what’s new in MedeA-LAMMPS in MedeA 2.22
  • Learn how to simulate a wide range of properties, including diffusivity, viscosity, thermal conductivity, and surface tension














New Software Release: MedeA® 2.22 Unlock the Code

Materials Design, Inc. announces the release of MedeA® version 2.22.

Explore the MedeA 2.22 atomistic simulation environment.

This free webinar lets you explore the new release of the atomistic simulation environment MedeA®. Learn about exciting new features, extensions to existing functionality, and enhanced compute performance. 

The 2017 UGM Dinner- in Strasbourg's Maison Kammerzell restaurant (built in 1427)


The Materials Design® 2017 Annual User Group Meeting was held on September 19-21 in the heart of Strasbourg. The meeting included a hands-on training session, a focused scientific symposium, and many opportunities for technical discussion and debate.

Classical forcefield-based simulations complement electronic structure methods. Accurately parameterized forcefield-based classical methods extend the scope and range of electronic structure methods to substantially larger length and time scales. While forcefield-based simulations can provide unique insights and property data, classical forcefields have been difficult to use and to develop.


The 2017 Materials Design® User Group Meeting will be held in Strasbourg, France, from the 19th to the 21st of September. The meeting will include a hands-on training session for attendees, a technical program dedicated to recent developments in computational materials science, and interactive sessions with MedeA® users and Materials Design® personnel.  The six scientific and technical sessions will include the following speakers*:

Golden Gate Polymer Forum

Fluid Properties from Molecular Simulation

Applications in Chemical Engineering and the Oil & Gas Industry

Webinar: High Throughput Simulations in the Materials Design MedeA Environment

Presented by Clive Freeman

News & Views

Did you miss the webinar? Watch the recording here.

Click here to see the new capabilities of 2.22