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Webinar: High Throughput Simulations in the Materials Design MedeA Environment

Presented by Clive Freeman

Our scientists are on the road in June to give talks on many materials and programs. Dr. Erich Wimmer will be speaking at the eSSENCE-SeRC Multiscale Modelling of Materials and Molecules 2017 Conference taking place June 12-14 in Uppsala, Sweden. His invited talk will be entitled, “Data and materials discovery: Perspectives from a Software Company.” For more details, see
During the same week, Dr. Volker Eyert will be speaking at the NAFEMS World Congress 2017, to take place June 11-14 in Stockholm. The talk is called "The emerging role of atomic-scale simulations for integrated materials engineering," and a paper of the same name, co-authored by V. Eyert, M. Christensen, A. Mavromaras, X. Rozanska, P. Ungerer, M. Yiannourakou, E. Wimmer, and D. Rigby, has been accepted as well.
We also have Dr. Philippe Ungerer and Dr. Alexander Mavromaras attending the Petrophase 2017 coming up. Philippe Ungerer is going to present work done jointly with TOTAL SA entitled “Contribution of molecular simulation to systematic thermophysical property prediction for upstream and downstream applications.” Conference details: Petrophase 2017, Le Havre, France, June 11-15,
Dr. Volker Eyert has also been invited to speak the next week in Uppsala for the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC-CSA) on June 15-16. This talk, titled "Challenges and benefits of industrial materials modelling - perspectives from a software company" will be part of the "Focussed workshop on Model Quality, Gaps & Accuracy.” See details. We hope to see some of you at these talks, and we look forward to spreading ideas!


VASP in MedeA® - a fast way from models to reliable results- with Dr. Walter Wolf



Materials Design® senior scientist, Volker Eyert, will participate at the Advanced Discussion meeting on "HPC and Industry" on May 9th. Hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Materials Simulation, Volker will give a talk on Innovation through simulation: New perspectives in industrial materials research. 



Materials Design, Inc. announces the release of MedeA® version 2.22. 

The release of MedeA® 2.22 includes:


"Software Platforms for Electronic/Atomistic/Mesoscopic Modeling: Status and Perspectives"

Mikael Christensen & Volker Eyert & Arthur France-Lanord & Clive Freeman & Benoît Leblanc & Alexander Mavromaras & Stephen J Mumby & David Reith & David Rigby & Xavier Rozanska & Hannes Schweiger & Tzu-Ray Shan & Philippe Ungerer & René Windiks & Walter Wolf & Marianna Yiannourakou & Erich Wimmer

Materials Design is proud to be a sponsor of the EMMC International Workshop in Vienna. This is a high-intensity three-day workshop designed to be a platform for stakeholders to network across European and international borders to communicate and explore topics relating to the future of materials modeling. 
The European Materials Modeling Council (EMMC) is initiated and funded by the European 
Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. Chief Scientific Officer at Materials Design®, Dr. Erich Wimmer, serves as a member of the Operational Managment Board, and he will be attending the 'invitation only' event with Senior Scientist Dr. Volker Eyert on April 5-7.  Erich and Volker will co-organize and chair two discussion sessions.

Sales Executive, Eastern USA

The Opportunity

Computational materials science is a critical adjunct to experiment, clarifying behavior and facilitating efficient discovery. Materials Design, Inc. develops and sells software to simulate materials at the atomistic-level, and is proud to provide first-class scientific support to our customers who are applying these capabilities. This is an opportunity to join a people-oriented company, contribute to our continued growth, and benefit from the associated rewards.

Accurate knowledge of the electronic states is at the core of understanding and designing materials.To achieve this goal, MedeA® with its fully integrated leading computational program VASP offers unique capabilities.
In this webinar, we will demonstrate the construction of complex systems such as interfaces in semiconductor gate stacks, the calculation of accurate energy band structures, Schottky barriers, and effective work functions. As a comprehensive modeling environment, MedeA® includes as integral components structural databases and phase diagrams as starting point for the construction of atomistic models as well as a variety of tools for analyzing the calculated results. Together with a suite of other atomistic modeling tools, MedeA® addresses the full range from band structures to the multitude of properties of electronic materials.

News & Views

Curious about the MedeA GUI? Watch the webinar here

Did you miss the webinar? Watch the recording here.

Click here to see the new capabilities of 2.22