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Materials Design, Inc. announces an exclusive distribution agreement with [Taiwan Auto-Design Company (TADC)]( Under this agreement, TADC will distribute Materials Design software and services in Taiwan.
[Materials Design's]( senior scientist [Mathew D. Halls, Ph.D.](/about/mathew-d-halls) will be delivering an invited presentation in the plenary session for _"First-Principles Calculations for ALD: Precursors, Processes, and Interfaces"_ at the [10th international conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2010)]( The ALD 2010 conference will be held at the Seoul Education Culture Center, Seoul, Korea from June 20 to 23, 2010. Dr. Halls will present on June 21st.
[Materials Design]( announces an exclusive distribution agreement with [Kyung Won Engineering & Communication (KWEnC)]( Under the agreement, KWEnC will distribute Materials Design’s software and services in South Korea.  _“We selected KWEnC because of their commitment to science and their demonstrated success in providing high-quality support to customers using scientific and engineering software,”_ said [Erich Wimmer, CEO of Materials Design](/about/erich-wimmer).
A [Materials Design]( client and colleague, [Dr. Louis G. Hector, Jr.]( of the General Motors R&D Center, has been honored with two GM R&D Innovation Awards for his research on: 1. Fundamentals of Interfacial Tribology 2. Multi-scale Modeling of High-temperature Deformation in Aluminum
##Where: Bordeaux, France ##When: 26-28 April 2010 The president of Materials Design, Dr. Erich Wimmer will present both a scientific overview and a half-day workshop. During the conference, we will be available for one-on-one discussions, and we are looking forward to talking directly to you, your scientists and engineers. ###Half-Day Workshop (Course 6): [_Mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties from atomistic simulations with a strong ab initio component._]( Instructors:[Dr. Erich Wimmer, Materials Design Inc.](/about/erich-wimmer) and [Dr. Alexander Mavromaras, Materials Design SARL](/about/alexander-mavromaras)
_"South Africa suffers from a shortage of electrical energy impeding economic growth. Nuclear power is seen as a critical part of the solution,”_ said [Erich Wimmer, CEO of Materials Design](/about/erich_wimmer). _“Our technology will help increase the efficiency and safety of the engineering work. We welcome PBMR as a member of Materials Design's growing software user group and development forum. We look forward to a long-term relationship that will grow into an advanced nuclear materials development program involving academics from South Africa and students across a wide discipline of science and engineering.”_ PBMR has been using the Materials Design software platform MedeA for over a year. _“Atomistic computer simulations contribute significantly to the development and testing of nuclear materials, both structural and on the fuel side,”_ said Dr. Johan Slabber, CTO of PBMR. _“Our relationship with Materials Design is an important part of our ongoing research and desire to develop solutions for energy sustainability.”_
[Senator Tom Udal]([ and his wife Jill stopped by our banquet to meet the Materials Design team and our customers from around the world. October 22, 2009. Washington, D.C., User Group Meeting.
Mr. Hong Gao, President of Beijing Hongcam Software Technologies presented Materials Design, CEO, Erich Wimmer with an elegant statue of a dragon which included a stamp of the Materials Design logo. This stamp is the same size as the seal used by the Chinese emperor. In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Beijing Hongcam has been Materials Design's distribution partner in China since 2008.
Dr. Stephen J. Mumby joins Materials Design as Vice President of Global Sales. Stephen Mumby comes to Materials Design after a twenty-year career at Accelrys and its predecessors Biosym Technologies and MSI, where he held a range of technical, marketing and sales leadership positions. “Stephen’s global depth, scientific background, and business expertise is aligned with our growth strategy,” said Erich Wimmer, President and CEO of Materials Design. “As we continue to build customer relationships around the world, Stephen’s experience will be invaluable.”
Join us October 21-23 in Washington D.C. for our annual MedeA Users Group Meeting We'll begin with our hands on MedeA workshop Wednesday, 21 October 2009. You will have the opportunity to get a general introduction to MedeA and VASP 5.2, work on specific application examples and discuss technical details with our support team. Because we provide a limited number of MedeA workstations, please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to participate. Everyone is invited to join us for an informal reception Wednesday evening, 21 October.

News & Views

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